About Us

SkyPath is the aviation industry leader in turbulence-avoiding solutions.
Our solutions are used in thousands of commercial flights daily by leading commercial carriers such as United and American Airlines. While you are reading this, a pilot is probably avoiding turbulence using our service.

SkyPath crowdsourced service provides a flight deck application and web interface that presents worldwide state of turbulence and notifications on the map, enabling airline planners and pilots to evade severe conditions optimally, and economically. SkyPath enables smart decisions ahead of time, such as avoiding severe conditions or notifying the crew and passengers of an upcoming state. Our solution also provides world-class forecasts created by applying advanced Machine Learning models.

SkyPath team comprises veteran aviation experts and experienced software engineers. It is currently 15 people and expanding. Our headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Sarona area, near the train. We care about work-life balance and work in a hybrid mode - 2 days a week in the office, and the rest are optional.

The company is well funded by Venture Capital. The last funding round was seed, at the end of 2022. The company raised approximately 10M in total and plans to become profitable soon.

We are looking for strong and passionate people to join the team. As we are a small team, each one that joins significantly impacts his area of expertise.

Why join SkyPath?

The product - SkyPath is building a real-world product that has a proven impact on its customers. It helps real people like you on thousands of flights every day.

The team - We are a bunch of people, each experienced in his field, with a passion for the aviation and software engineering industry.

The business potential - SkyPath is the best solution in the market, being used by the top airlines in the world. The growth potential of the customer base is enormous.

The company is well funded by VC and angels, with a long runway ahead.

The culture - We care about the employee well being and personal life. We respect family life and leisure and know that one must balance it all to create a genuine team member.

We are a small family. All knows all. There is no corporate and processes overhead. We operate as a team striving to achieve a common goal.

Your growth. It’s a small team. You make an impact from day one; you build your core competence, you influence, you build your future.

From the news

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